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Meet the Veterinarians & Team of Salzburg Animal Hospital in Ormond Beach! We’re pleased to provide exceptional vet care for your pets!

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Our Staff


I was born and raised in Port Orange where I went to college and met my husband, I am proud to consider myself a “local girl.” After marriage, my husband and I settled in Ormond Beach and shortly thereafter I began working at Salzburg Animal Hospital. At the time, our family consisted of the two of us, and one dog, Burbn. Happily that family has expanded to include 3 dogs and two lovely daughters. Needless to say, our household is full and active.

I was one of the three employees that transitioned from client to employee. I was pleased to work for a company where I witnessed first hand the connection between our clients and their pets and how comfortable the pets felt at the hospital. When I see our patients come in not feeling well and then seeing them get better over time as they are provided excellent care is very rewarding. I also love seeing how our patients always remember where the treats are stored, whether in the exam rooms or at the front desk. Even after their examination, some leave the room then return for another treat.


I started working at Salzburg Animal Hospital in 2011. My family includes my husband, my daughter, 2 cats, and a dog. I have always loved animals, so becoming a member of Team Salzburg was a dream come true! In the office, I am the first person to greet our clients and their pets, so I try to insure they have a positive experience and provide them with any information they may need. When they leave, I make sure they have all of the guidelines to follow so they can continue the best care of their pets once they are home.

When I first began working with Dr. Salzburg I did not know what to expect, but immediately noticed the care he utilized when handling his patients. It is rewarding to feel like I can make a difference in people’s lives, and in the lives of their pets.


I was born and raised in Sunshine, Maryland where I grew up on horse farm. Consequently, I have always loved animals. In 2004 I moved to Ormond Beach where I have raised my daughter, Bella, who is now 10. Initially, our household included 2 dogs, Ruger and Sugar, and 6 cats, but more recently our “household” has expanded to include my newly married husband and love of my life, Andrew! When I found out that a position was available at Salzburg Animal Hospital, I jumped at the opportunity to work with animals. I was hired by Doctor Salzburg in 2012 as a part-time employee in the reception area, and now I enjoy working in all departments of our hospital.

Not only do I enjoy meeting our clients that walk into the hospital, but I also love the diversity of the animals that come in the door. Doc sees a variety of cats and dogs which each have their own distinctive personalities. But our patients also include other varieties including hedgehogs, squirrels, snakes, hamsters and even wild animals from time to time including sea turtles, owls and some amazing South American cougars! It certainly makes the work day fun and interesting!


I am an Ormond Beach native, being born and raised in the area. When I was seeking a job, I thought about what was most important to me and I realized a career helping animals would be the most fulfilling. It was that idea that made me interview for a position at Salzburg Animal Hospital where I have been employed since 2010. During my career here I have held many positions including working at the reception desk, assisting Dr. Salzburg in the examination rooms and also being in charge of purchasing our food products. My family consists of my boyfriend Josiah, two rescue dogs from Louisiana, Sweetie and Boudreaux, and our other rescue dog, Rizzo.

Sandy (Office Manager)

I was born in Norwich Connecticut where I met and married the love of my life, Mitch. Mitch was an Army Ranger stationed in Washington state. Our life of adventure and travel began in 1982. Throughout the years we moved 9 times and had 3 wonderful children and our siamese Kitty Oly was our fur baby for 17 years, Our last assignment brought us to Florida in September of 1997 where my vet tech career at Salzburg Animal Hospital began. From the moment I walked in the door I knew this was the place for me. Doc said I impressed him because while waiting for my interview I helped an elderly client with her animals. My career as a vet tech under Dr. Salzburg’s guidance and mentoring has given me the skills to truly help my patients. I began as a vet tech, became Doc’s assistant in the operating room which eventually lead to becoming the Office Manager here at Salzburg.

Now, many years later, Salzburg Animal Hospital has entered a new chapter with a new state of the art hospital. I am excited to see my old patients and welcome our new ones in our new hospital.

Mitch and I are grandparents of 3 beautiful grandkids, it is such a joy! I love riding my bike in my free time, spending time in our tree house, and snuggling with our cat Chico, and our Frenchie, Nelson.


I moved to Daytona Beach in 2002 after transferring from UF to UCF in order to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Photography. I started working for Dr. Salzburg in October of 2003, which makes me the second senior technician at the clinic. At the time, I was in the office so much with my own animals that Doc offered me a job! During the beginning tenure of my employment, I finished my BS thru UCF, and still consider photography one of my main passions. Over the years, I have had a very large and varied array of critters, including rats, reptiles, and ferrets! Currently, I am a mom to a funny little dog named Wilbur, in addition to 5 cats Elliott, Paul, Oswald, Possum, and Bumblebee. I also donate a large amount of time to rescuing orphaned kittens, with the help of my dog, Wilbur. By snuggling them and keeping them warm, Wilbur comforts them enough so that I can get them used to being handled and bottle fed. I am very grateful that Dr. Salzburg helps me give these unfortunate orphans the best care possible, so we can get them healthy and into loving forever homes.

Over the years, first as a patient, and later as an employee, I watched as Doc would go to extremes to make certain that every one of his patients receives the exact treatment needed for a healthy outcome. Due to that, I believe that the practice of veterinary medicine far exceeds the care and concern that is sometimes rendered in the administration of human medicine! In other words, it’s good to be a patient of Dr. Salzburg!